Wine & Food Pairing Recipes . Sauvignon Blanc with Thai Sesame Chicken in Lettuce Cup

Appetiser Recipe
Thai Sesame Chicken in Lettuce Cup

Around The World with Bradley Mitton
A favourite dish at The Wine Press (Manila 1999)

Ingredients (Serves 2)
30 ml sesame oil (roasted)
200 gms chicken breast , cleaned and diced small
20 gms shallots, diced small
20 gms celery, diced small
20 gms carrot, sliced small
20 gms pistachio kernels , chopped in half
30 gms water-chestnuts
10 gms thai bird chilis, chopped
10 gms fresh basil, chopped
10 gms fresh coriander leaves, chopped
10 gms fresh mint leaves, chopped
10 ml kikkoman soy sauce
Salt and pepper for seasoning
1 whole iceberg (or other crisp) lettuce
1 Fresh Lime

High heat a wok or good non-stick frying pan and add sesame oil, let the oil quickly heat up and add the chicken breast, sear the diced pieces of breast until some of them are turning brown, probably three to four minutes.

Then add the shallots, celery, pistachios, chilis, and the herbs, quickly fry on high heat for three to four minutes and then add in the soy sauce, high heat for another one minute then season lightly and serve. The lettuce should be cleaned and each leaf carefully removed.

The chicken should then be served in the lettuce leaves, with fresh lime (spring onion optional) squeezed over the top and then rolled up before eating. Judge the amount of chilli yourself for future reference. Suggest serving with white rice.

Wine Pairing
This is a real Sauvignon Blanc lovers dish, aromatic, herbaceous, full of character and piquant. I’d suggest our Las Mondes 2019 Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, available in this month's subscription case.