Frequently Asked Questions

How does Brad choose my wines?
Subscribers have colour and style options upon signing in.
Brad sends a selection of the colour your requested and styles that fit you.
For example, choosing dry / fresh means that you will receive more of this style of wine.
Dry / Fresh - light wines with some spice and elegance
Soft / Medium-bodied - medium charactered, easy-drinking wines
Full-bodied / Round - more robust, and characterful wines 
Let Brad suggest - we would send our favourite and most popular options.

Does the monthly wine selection change?
Yes. Brad is constantly searching for new wine partners and interesting wines. Each month, all of the subscription list wines will be changed.

When will my wines be delivered?

As soon as you subscribe, we send you an email with tracking details and we dispatch. Delivery generally takes 3 to 5 working days after which you will receive your wine case. 

When does my next case arrive?
Your subscription starts on the day (date) that you subscribe and on the same date of the next month, your card will be automatically charged triggering the dispatch of your next monthly case. And so on..

Changing colour and style options (special requests)?
Send an email to Brad and we will amend your requirements. Likewise, you can also send us requests and comments on wines that you would either like to have delivered again or not to have delivered again.

Comments and reviews?
You may comment and review our subscription packs at the ordering page. All comments are screened before publishing to reduce spam.

Cancellation policy?
Subscribers may cancel at any time. You may also pause, gift your wines or change the delivery address for your subscription.

How am I charged and what about currency exchange?
We charge in € and the currency rate noted in £ on the check-out page is the maximum that you could be charged with exchange rates. Please contact us if there are any issues.

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