Scarpa Wine - Our July 2020 Vermouth Partner

In July 2020, we offer all of our subscribers a complimentary bottle of Scarpa Vermouth (Bianco or Rosso as we see fits best with the subscribers wine style choice). These are fortified and aromatised wines, used mainly in cocktails. The Bianco can be used in a classic dry Martini and the Rosso is lovely served straight and chilled, with orange rind in the glass.

erbs and botanicals used in the production of these unique wines include wild angelica root, bitter orange peel, green cardamom seeds, quinine bark, coriander seeds, liquorice and more.

Scarpa was founded in the second half of the eighteenth century by a Venetian migrant, Antonio Scarpa. Still bearing his name, the cellar was handed over to a family from Nizza Monferrato in the late 1940s. Mario Pesce, a young oenologist, acquired SCARPA after his studies in Burgundy and Alsace and managed the cellar throughout its success in the coming decades. Those are the years when the impeccable standards were set: excellent quality, sustainable agriculture, traditional winemaking methods. These are the benchmark standards to which we still work towards today.