Brad's Wine Subscription Tasting Notes - September 2021

”I have been inspired to work with small, family-owned wineries because in my experience, they produce the best value wines that you can find. These wines are hand-crafted - they have a story about where they are from and how they are made - and it is these wines that I send out every month to our subscribers, wines with beautiful details that I enjoy sharing with people."

September 2021 Free Gift . Mystery Selection
We’ve received so many different gifts this last year for our subscribers that this month, we’re adding in a little something special to each case, as a surprise!


Barbadillo Sábalo (Organic) . Tierra de Cádiz, Spain
Pale straw in colour with clean subtle aromas suggesting mature apples. On tasting, it is surprisingly full and silky with an ethereal sweetness despite being a dry wine. On the palate one senses soft mineral notes reflecting the chalky terroir origins.

Orelhão Branco . Leiria, Portugal
This is a lightly sparkling dry white wine, perfect for late-summer drinking, made with regional Portugese grapes. It has beautiful clarity in the glass, young and fresh, zesty and soft, with floral and fruity flavors - a perfect drinker!

Woodlands Selection 2018 Chardonnay . South East Australia
Enticing pale straw in colour, the sweet and creamy bouquet is fragrant with honey, herbs and citrus with notes of toasty vanilla. The wine possesses a lovely, well-balanced depth of soft, creamy, melon fruit and toasted oak, and comes to a sumptuous conclusion with a long, dry finish. Try this one with chargrilled seafood.


Le Petit Gascôn 2020 Rosé .
Côtes de Gascogne, France
This lightly coloured rosé hosts beautiful fresh caharacters of strawberry and cherry, with some light green vegetable notes that make it a brilliant drinker. Excellent with light dishes, salads, after-work or weekend aperitif drinks – serve chilled in the sun!


Viverello 2020 Rosso . Verona, Italy
Ruby red colour, fruity with notes of blackcurrant and blackberry. Supple, soft and easy-drinking on the palate, elegant and well balanced due to its low acidity and sweetening tannins. Could be served slighty chilled, perfect with risotto, and most meat dishes.

Buitengewoon 2019 The Trilogy . Western Cape, South Africa
This delicious deep ruby red wine is based on 85% Syrah, 13% Grenache and 2% Viognier. Aromas of ripe blueberries and black cherries with sweet spiciness and Provençal herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Velvety mouthset with the same fruit. Elegant fruity drinking wine that matches several dishes as grilled meat and pastas but which can also be served with stews. Lovely wine with an excellent, lengthy finish.

Azienda Giribaldi 2019 Langhe Rosso . Rodello - Barolo (Piemonte) Italy
A blend of Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir grapes. A ruby red colour of a medium intensity; at the nose perfumes of mature fruit and marked sensations of cherry and blackcurrants; warm in the mouth, full with elegant vanilla, scents of tobacco, liquorice wood and fruity undergrowth. It goes well with many type of food, from starters like carpaccio to risotto with mushrooms; meat, both beef and pork.

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