Traditional Scotch Broth Married with Cabernet Franc

This simple but delicious and hearty broth recipe was created in 1999 by Brad at The Wine Press Restaurant in Manila (Philippines) to offer locally-based northern European expatriates a “taste of home”. A perfectly balanced and healthy soup and recently approved by the
Metabolic Balance vitality program.

Marry this with a dry red wine, for example Brad's Domaine Olivier Cabernet Franc that is showcased in the Brad's Wine January 2021 subscription case - click to view.

Ingredients (serves 8)
1 kg Lamb leg bone-in
50 gms Pearl Barley
3 litres water
100 grams red onion, chopped finely
100 grams large carrots, diced
200 grams leeks, sliced thinly
250 grams turnip, diced
300 grams white cabbage, sliced thinly
20 grams mint leaves, chopped
20 grams parsley, chopped

In a soup pan, add the cold water and the lamb leg, put on high heat and cook until boiling. As the water heats up, you’ll notice a fatty scum on the top of the water level, carefully spoon it off.
Once the water is boiling, leave for two hours to simmer. After two hours of simmering, remove the lamb leg carefully with a sieve, leaving the stock on low heat.
Carefully clean the lamb leg keeping all the meat to one side and discard the bone, sinew and cartilage. Now re-add the lamb meat and with it add the pearl barley, cook on medium heat for thirty minutes, then add the onion, carrots, leeks, turnip and cabbage and cook for a further twenty minutes.
Once cooked, serve piping hot and garnish with mint and parsley.

Did You Know?
That barley is the root of the English measurement, one inch. One inch equals three grains of barley, dry and round, placed end-to-end lengthwise.

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