This March - Brad Features the Rubicone Sangiovese - The Blood of Jupiter

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Our March selection includes a delicious Rubicone Sangiovese from the Dalfiume winery. But why is Sangiovese so special?

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Sangiovese is a red wine grape variety that holds a prominent place in the world of winemaking, particularly in Italy. It is widely regarded as one of the most important and distinctive grape varieties, producing wines with a range of flavours, aromas, and characteristics.

The name "Sangiovese" is thought to be derived from the Latin words "sanguis Jovis," meaning the "blood of Jove" or "blood of Jupiter," emphasizing the grape's historical and cultural significance. Key features of Sangiovese grapes include their thick skins, moderate acidity, and the ability to express various terroirs, giving rise to a diverse array of wine styles. This versatility has allowed Sangiovese to thrive in different regions throughout Italy, each producing wines with unique profiles.

Rubicone Sangiovese holds significance due to its association with a specific geographical area and the characteristics that result from the combination of the Sangiovese grape and the terroir of the Rubicone region. Rubicone, enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures, ample sunlight, and diverse soils, creating optimal conditions for growing Sangiovese grapes. The region's flat topography, combined with proper ventilation and careful harvest timing, contributes to the production of high-quality wines. In Rubicone, Sangiovese has a signature bright acidity, red fruit flavours (such as cherries), and moderate tannins.

When exploring Rubicone Sangiovese wines, enthusiasts and connoisseurs often appreciate the opportunity to experience the distinctive character that emerges from the combination of Sangiovese grapes and the terroir of the Rubicone region, contributing to the wine's special appeal.
Pair Rubicone Sangiovese with grilled lamb chops for a delightful combination that showcases the wine's moderate tannins and bright acidity, or opt for a classic pairing with tomato-based dishes