This Delicious and Savoury Nero d'Avola from Sicily Features in Brad's March Subscription Case

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Baglio Baiata Alagna 2021 Grillo . Sicily, Italy
Grillo, also known as Riddu and Rossese bianco, is a white Italian wine grape variety that withstands high temperatures and is widely used in Sicilian winemaking. The finished wine is fresh with lovely floral perfumes, nicely balanced on the pallet and perfect chilled down with fish, chicken, pork and veal dishes or low-fat cheeses.
”I have been inspired to work with small, family-owned wineries because in my experience, they produce the best value wines that you can find. These wines are hand-crafted - they have a story about where they are from and how they are made - and it is these wines that I send out every month to our subscribers, wines with beautiful details that I enjoy sharing with people."

March 2022 Free Gift . Chili No. 5
This March, and thanks to our friends at Chili No. 5 we are giving away samples of their fantastic gourmet sauces. Packed with goodness, superfood ingredients and loads of spice, we are sure you’ll love the stuff and they go great as a garnish to our recipes!.