An International Sangria Recipe featuring our August partner Neptune Rum Gold

Sangria is a lovely drink, fresh and simple and served all over Spain but regionally differs with the juices used, the style of wine added and the spirit that finishes off the concoction. In any recipe for food and drink, always use the best and freshest ingredients - that way you will get great results. Try this one at home, it's very simple. The Spanish add sugar - but if you use fresh oranges for this, then the fruit sugar can act as a substitute. You'll need a litre glass jug, and lots of ice.

Four large oranges
1 bottle dry red wine (suggest our Primitivo or Rioja)
100 mls (5 large shots) Neptune Rum Gold

Fill your glass jug to the top with ice. Squeeze three oranges (use the fourth orange in slices for the jug / glass garnish). Add in the juice to the jug, pour in the rum, fill with the wine. There might be some wine left, use that as top-up. Stir, let sit for five minutes in the fridge, serve over ice and orange garnish. This is excellent with cold-cuts, cheeses and olives - in the sunshine!

*The Neptune Rum Gold and the suggested red wines are available in Brad's August subscription case.
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