Red wine for better sex?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine cites that red wine can increase sexual arousal in both men and women. In fact for women, consuming two glasses of red wine can help boost sex drive and for men, red wine can increase testosterone. But don’t go overboard!

The report, which assessed a number of studies between 1993 and 2022, claims: “The antioxidant properties of polyphenols found in red wine appear to be beneficial for the male reproductive system, suggesting a positive correlation between red wine consumption and testosterone serum levels.”

Polyphenols, which are a compound found in red wine as well as fruits, vegetables and other herbs and spices, work as anti-oxidants, preventing cardiovascular disease and even types of cancer.

Through having a positive impact on the heart, wine can increase blood flow to other parts of the body, including sexual organs. Additionally, the study suggested that red wine could help boost testosterone as well as male fertility.
The study also looked at the impact of red wine on women, discovering those who drank red wine to moderate levels had more sexual desire than those who had one glass or less, or were even tee-total.

It said: “Women consuming moderate red wine showed higher scores for sexual desire and lubrication with an overall improvement in sexual function compared to teetotaller women or “occasional drinkers” who consumed less than one glass per day of any type of wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Medical guide: “Please drink responsibly. Balance is everything, and we do not condone daily excessive drinking nor drinking more than one glass per day (with 14 grams of pure alcohol or 12% alcohol content) as this can increase your calorie and carbohydrate intake making it unhealthy and cardioprotective and antioxidant benefits can also be reversed.

People with liver disease, gout issue, pregnant women, or cancer patients should be avoiding alcohol completely. You must also be very careful with medications andalcohol. In combination with painkillers, antidepressants or antibiotics, alcohol can have a menacing effect.”

Partly sourced:
July 2023
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