Marrying Rosé Wine with Authentic Greek Salad and Homemade Vinaigrette

I was privileged to have trained in professional kitchens in Naxos and Paros when I was 24 and I was introduced to a number of Greek dishes that we then established on the menu at Zorbas in Hong Kong - this salad is one of those dishes and is a real winner!

Salad Ingredients (makes 2 portions)
1 small bell pepper, green, sliced thinly
1 small bell pepper, red, sliced thinly
1 onion red, sliced thinly
1 large tomato, quartered
1⁄2 cucumber, peeled and sliced thickly
80 grams olives large, Greek 'Kalamata'
70 grams Greek feta cheese

Salad Garnish
50 gms lettuce / salad to decorate
100 gms feta cheese
10 gms dried oregano

Vinaigrette (makes 1 litre and keeps for up to two weeks)
50 gms dijon mustard
25 mls lemon juice
350 mls olive oil
350 mls corn oil
50 mls red wine vinegar
Dash salt
Dash black pepper
Dash oregano
100 gms fresh coriander

Making the Vinaigrette
Add mustard and lemon juice to mixing bowl and whisk. Slowly drizzle olive oil while mixing. Add remaining ingredients. Store in refrigerator until serving.

Build the Salad
Prepare the lettuce/salad in a bowl as a base. Toss all the other ingredients with the Greek salad dressing in a separate bowl and add into the lettuce; serve with the feta cheese on the top sprinkled with the oregano. Simple and delicious.

Wine Pairing
This needs a very simple bottle of rosé wine and our fresh and summery Domaine Vetriccie Rosé 2019 from Corsica.

Did You Know?
That Greeks eat an average of 26 litres of olive oil each every year!