Free Gift For All Subscribers This February 2024 - Capricorn26 Gin

Capricorn26 Gin Germany - Best EU UK Monthly Wine Subscription Service Free Delivery

This February, Brad is giving away free samplers of Capricorn26 Gin in all our Brad's Wine subscription cases.

From only £49 or €54 for 6 fabulous bottles of wine delivered right to your door. Probably the best value monthly wine subscription service on the planet! Free UK and EU delivery. Subscribe now!

Free Gift February 2024 - Capricorn26 Gin
Capricorn26 Gin presents itself with a refreshing citrus scent that envelops your senses and immediately puts you in a good mood. The fruity kumquats provide a slight sweetness, while the limes give the gin a tangy note. A harmonious interplay of flavours that you will want to enjoy again and again.

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With over 25 years of professional experience in the wine industry, Brad is committed to providing the best value wine subscription service on the planet, sending you only the most drinkable wines from around the globe that he can find, complete with tasting notes, wine-pairing recipes and a free gift every month!

”I have been inspired to work with small, family-owned wineries because in my experience, they produce the best value wines that you can find. These wines are hand-crafted - they have a story about where they are from and how they are made - and it is these wines that I send out every month to our subscribers, wines with beautiful details that I enjoy sharing with people." Brad Mitton

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