Enjoy our Spanish Red this February - a Rich and Spicy Monastrell from Jumilla!

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Brad's wine subscription selection this February includes a wonderful Casa Alta Monastrell from Jumilla in Spain!

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February 2024 - Casa Alta 2021 Monastrell . Jumilla, Spain
Our February selection includes a wonderful Casa Alta Monastrell from Jumilla, Spain. The Monastrell grape thrives in the sun-soaked vineyards of southeastern Spain, yielding wines that boast a rich tapestry of flavours. A deep and inviting colour sets the stage for a palate dominated by the intense presence of blackberry and plum, complemented by subtle notes of spices and occasional hints of chocolate or herbal undertones. The robust structure of Jumilla Monastrell, a result of the grape's thick skins and the region's arid climate, is skillfully balanced by modern winemaking techniques. Many of these wines undergo oak aging, imparting a harmonious blend of fruit expression and nuanced oak influences.
Renowned for their versatility, Jumilla Monastrell wines are well-suited for pairing with hearty dishes and grilled meats. The combination of quality and value has propelled these wines onto the international stage, capturing the attention of wine enthusiasts seeking both depth and distinctive character. Whether enjoyed in their youthful vibrancy, or allowed to mature gracefully over time, Jumilla Monastrell wines continue to be celebrated for their ability to encapsulate the essence of this unique Spanish terroir. Try our Monastrell from the Casa Alta winery in Jumilla in this month’s Brad’s Wine subsciption case!