Cantina La Veneranda 1568 (Umbria, Italy) - Wine Partner June 2020

This June 2020, we showcase a beautiful white wine from this family-owned and operated winery in Umbria, Italy - the Aureo Umbria IGT Bianco 2019.

"We are honoured and proud to partner with Brad's Wine, thanks to his expertise and deep knowledge of wine and its varieties, we are confident that our wines will soon reach the glass of many wine lovers to be tasted and appreciated.

Brad's Wine selection and pairing recommendations are excellent tools to better appreciate what the international wine production has to offer. Thanks to Brad for giving us the possibility to share with you our quality wines produced with indigenous grapes typical of our beautiful region Umbria, in Central Italy. Salute! (Cheers!)" Ms. Valeria Gasparri (La Veneranda Marketing & Sales).

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“I have been always inspired and driven by passion and I have to admit that I have never been wrong about all the decisions I made in the past. My life belongs to the countryside and producing wine following all the operations in the vineyard and in the cellar makes me feel like a mother raising her children. The most exciting part, however, is when people appreciate the result of so many efforts, the joy and happiness that you read on their faces when they taste the wine we produce is, perhaps, my greatest satisfaction.” (Mrs. Eleonora Alessandrelli winery co-owner)

“When I was a child, I knew this would have been my life. I started to be interested in wine in early age when I was used to spend the afternoons in the family cellar with my uncle, who was taking care of the family vineyard and tiny cellar. Thanks to the passion for the wine passed on to me by my uncle and to my family who has been always supporting me, my dream has finally come true.(Ms. Anna Rita Scarca winery co-owner)

The origins of our family are rooted in Montefalco where it has always lived and cultivated land since 1568, as documented in the Historical Archives of the Municipality of Montefalco.

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In 1827 the property was managed by the heir Maria Aloisa Moncelli, a woman of great culture and wisdom who gained the name of "La Veneranda" (The Venerable). In those years the Noble Maria Aloisa dedicated herself with great passion and care to carry on the production in her lands, the same passion handed down from mother to daughter over the generations up to the present days.

La Veneranda is an exclusively female-run winery where Eleonora Alessandrelli and Anna Rita Scarca, with love for their land passed on to them by their families, take care of the farm by committing themselves to the enhancement of Montefalco wines and the preservation of our beautiful land.

The fourteen hectares of vineyard in the area of Montefalco are located at an altitude of 300 m. a.s.l., where the soil has sedimentary origin and it is weakly clayey. The other two hectares of vineyards are located in the area between Foligno and Spoleto. The vines are mainly exposed to the south east - with vines that reach the age of 40 years and are cultivated with the spurred cordon and guyot system. Our winery is committed to the preservation and cultivation of indigenous vines such as Sagrantino, Grechetto and Sangiovese.

While remaining a small reality, we fully follow the wine production chain: from the cultivation of vines to the grape harvesting, from the winemaking to bottling and sales. Pruning and harvesting are performed exclusively by hand to keep the bunches intact until the pressing stage. The land is cultivated with care, respecting sustainable viticultural practices as regulated by the strict Montefalco wine production disciplinary. The respect for the environment is very important for us: the use of clean energy for all the machineries in the cellar is powered by renewable energy since the beginning of 2019.

Our winery is unique because it is characterized by the passion and the quality of the product obtained. We follow a very clear rule: we work only with the highest quality. In addition, we are also distinguished by the care and attention we pay to our guests and customers in order to make their experiences in the cellar unique and unforgettable.

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